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Let's make every breath count
adriana teresa letorney
Nov 7, 2020
Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States, and Kamala Harris is the first woman to be elected Vice President.
There is much work to be done and undone moving forward. Visura is proud to continue to serve the Visura community and our industry in every step of the way. I want to take a moment to thank The Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek for being a Visura member during these years. In being a Member of Visura— you showed your commitment to empower diverse stories and talent in our industry. We are so grateful. Thank you MaryAnne Golon, Dee Swan, Clinton Carghill, Sarah Leen, Lauren Steel, Shannon Simon, Elizabeth Krist, Beth Flynn, Kate Bubascz, Donna Cohen, Whitney Johnson, and so many others for supporting the Visura platform. 
This year has been a lot for all of us around the world. Let's continue our efforts to empower diverse voices in visual storytelling and journalism with better access to tools, resources and platforms that value media literacy, sustainability, inclusivity, enabling environments, and professional skill development. 

The Visura community is committed to serve those working to create authentic stories. Our team is committed to continue its efforts to study the structural challenges to searching and finding quality and diverse content and talent online in journalism and media. Together, we can continue to combat misinformation, inequalities, and hate. Together, we can work to empower media literacy. Facts matter. Our voices matter. You matter.

I am here. I am proud to serve you. As always, you remain a light filled with hope in and for this world! More soon but for now—let's take a moment to recognize this moment in history, and join in all efforts to make every breath count. 

Forward and onward!

Adriana Teresa

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